About Monolith

Why Monolith?
Monolith started as an experiment in seeing how far Second Life could be pushed as a software development platform.

Why the name Monolith?
Monolith started off as a single script loaded into a standard, default, plywood textured box in Second Life. I got bored of looking at the box after a while, and for grins and giggles, re-sized the box in 1m X 4m X 9m with a black finish. These dimensions match the ratio of the black Monolith in Arthur C. Clarke's: Space Odyssey 2001, the dimension being the square of the numerical sequence 1, 2, and 3 signifying a sign of intelligence in design.  The name stuck.

Why not use one of the many other molecular visualization programs outside of Second Life?
Granted, in it's current state, Monolith does not possess the richer features of other molecular visualization programs available on the Internet. But, none of them, that I am aware of, allow 40-100 people to look at the same structure at the same time and discuss the structure via IM or voice.  Also, Second Life allows us to move to different subjects like virtual patients without having to flip software programs.  Second Life, general-purpose 3-D environment with collaborative features.

- Erich Bremer