Color 3D RDF FOAF Graphs in Second Life

Added a new command for coloring of the 3D RDF graphs.  It uses the syntax:

color <r,g,b> spo where { pattern }


<r,g,b> is a rgb color vector.  <1,1,0> would be yellow.

spo is either spo, sp, so, po, s, p, o to have the command operate on one of the combinations of subject, predicate, and/or object of the triple.

where { pattern } is borrowed right out of SPARQL's syntax.  Nexus actually uses it's own ontology that is used to describe the visual features of the 3D graph such as {nex:color, nex:alpha, nex:xyz, etc}  All graph data can then be streamed out and include the Nexus ontology for persistence of a visualization session for later viewing or sharing.  In these three graphs, the @timberners_lee and @jahendler FOAF graph data that I have been using as test data are colored by issuing the following two commands:

color <1,0,0> spo where { ?s ?p ?o . filter ( ?p=foaf:knows ) }
color <0,1,0> spo where { ?s ?p ?o . filter ( ?p=rdf:type ) }

The first command colors all foaf:know triples red and the second command colors all triples that are rdf:type green.  The default color for everything is blue <0,0,1>  In the lower right image, the lone green ball is actually foaf:Person.  No, data that can be loaded can be any RDF not just FOAF.  This model is currently on display at the Stony Brook SOM region.  Yes, this is in Second Life, so, bring your friends and look at it together and use IM and voice to discuss it collaboratively while your there.  The region supports up to 100 concurrent users.