3D RDF FOAF Graphs in OpenSimulator

Here is an image (click on image for larger image) of a model I did earlier with Nexus in Second Life using Tim Berner-Lee and James Hendler's FOAF data linked and visualized in 3D within OpenSimulator with Nexus.  The only code change needed port it over to OpenSimulator from Second Life was the removal of the warppos function since it is no longer needed, however, I think I may have uncovered a small bug/limitation in OpenSimulator URL lengths.  I put a small work-around by shortening the URL's to the FOAF data to avoid the bug when loading from the remote http source, but I will have to go back and figure out what is actually going on and report it if need be to the OpenSimulator programmers.  The Nexus commands used were:

color <1,0,0> spo where { ?s ?p ?o . filter ( ?p=foaf:knows ) }
color <0,1,0> spo where { ?s ?p ?o . filter ( ?p=rdf:type ) }
color <1,1,1> o where { ?s ?p ?o . filter ( isLiteral(?o) ) }
glow 0.2 o where { ?s ?p ?o . filter ( isLiteral(?o) ) }

Since the last time I did this FOAF data, I changed the default shape for literals to cubes and made them smaller so as not to have the literals dominate the scene as much.  Also added were some glow effects to high-light elements of interest.